Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for our overall governance and presently consists of 14 members. The Board has two permanent Committees - the Remuneration and Nomination Committee and the Audit Committee.

  1. Breev Pavel Yurievich
  2. Derekh Andrey Mikhailovich
  3. Gutseriev Mikail Safarbekovich
  4. Gutseriev Said Mikhailovich
  5. Gutseriev Sait-Salam Safarbekovich
  6. Lella Januzs
  7. Lukin Alexander Alexandrovich
  8. Makhnev Aleksey Petrovich
  9. Mirakyan Avet Vladimirovich
  10. Рreobrazhenskiy Vladimir Vladimirovich
  11. Shishkhanov Mikail Osmanovich
  12. Tynkovan Alexander Anatolievich
  13. Uzhakhov Bilan Abdurakhimovich
  14. Zhuchenko Anton Alexandrovich

The Remuneration and Nomination Committee comprises of Vladimir Preobrazhenskiy, Bilna Uzhakhov and Janusz Lella (Chairman). 

The Audit Committee comprises of Andrey Derekh, Avet Mirakyan and Vladimir Preobrazhenskiy (Chairman). 

Audit Committee By-Law

Remuneration and Nomination Committee By-Law

Regulation on the ad-hoc (temporary) Special Committee of the Board of Directors of the PJSC “M. video”

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